Current VCH Employees

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A new and exciting career change

Vancouver Coastal Health staff can apply for internal job postings (open to VCH staff only) and external job postings (open to VCH staff and the general public).

Internal application process

  1. You can search internal job postings in three ways:
    • At the Employee Engagement kiosks at most VCH sites
    • From your office computer, by visiting our intranet site VCH Connect
    • From your own computer at home, by visiting
  2. You can also search the external job postings.
  3. Complete an internal application form in full - regardless of whether it is an internal or external posting - to be considered for the vacancy.
    • VCH Recruitment only forwards fully completed applications to hiring managers so that they can assess your qualifications and fill vacancies without delay. Incomplete applications are not forwarded.
  4. Submit your internal application using the contact information provided on the form.
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