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Physician Downtown Eastside


Downtown Eastside, Vancouver

“I came to Vancouver in 1993 and it was going to be for just one year before returning to the Northwest Territories. I was fortunate to find work here in the Downtown Eastside with people I felt that I knew and with whom I was comfortable—particularly indigenous people. It was quite basic then in terms of services. All around us things were changing quickly. The West End of Vancouver was the epicentre of HIV AIDS in the 1980s in Canada. About the time I landed here, that crisis had basically transferred to the Downtown Eastside with saturating infection rates. One thing I’ve learned down here is, as much as you think you know someone you really don’t. You don’t know that they’re a wonderful artist or that they have some kids who they really care about. And you discover that often only after people die. A good day for me is when I am able to sit with someone and they’re able to speak from their heart about what’s really going on for them. I love these folks. I deliver care to people wherever they are and no matter who they are, because they matter.”

Susan has worked in VCH facilities since 1993. Learn about career opportunities for physicians.

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