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Mental Health & Substance Use Managers

Sheila & George

Managers, Mental Health & Substance Use
Vancouver Community

“People think we’re joking when we tell them we met in a psychiatric hospital, but it’s true. We are both trained as psychiatric nurses and began our careers at Riverview Hospital in the 1980s. That’s where we met.

Something we have in common is that we’re both passionate about helping people with mental health and substance use challenges. We are in leadership roles now, but we both worked many years in direct client service including the Downtown Eastside. The impact of substance use has increased so much since we started—substances were always a factor, but these days they’re a factor in almost every encounter. But we’ve seen positive change too. People are more compassionate and understanding now about the underlying issues that drive addiction.

To be good at what we do, it has to tug at your heart a little bit. You have to walk that line where you’re feeling it, but you’re still professional. If we ever stopped feeling that compassion, it would be time to quit. At this point in our careers we hope to pass on our knowledge and experience. We enjoy being mentors for the next generation of providers.”

George and Sheila have worked in VCH facilities since 1990. Learn about career opportunities for mental health and substance use professionals.

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    Bonnie Wilson says:

    George and Sheila, I learn so much from both of you each time we’re in a room together. We’re so lucky to have had your knowledge and expertise to draw on the past 15 years! Thanks and congratulations.

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