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Manager, Perioperative Services, MDR & Ambulatory Services
Richmond Hospital

“When I was in high school all my friends were convinced I would become a nurse. I couldn’t understand what they were talking about since my plan was to become a pilot! As it turns out my husband and my son are both pilots, and now that I’ve learned about being a pilot, I am so glad I chose to be a nurse!

I found my passion in the recovery room. It’s the way that we help people when they are most vulnerable. They lose control of themselves in a way, and we are there to be their eyes, their ears, their voice. We take care of people who are having huge life-altering surgeries and we help them start afresh. I believe we always have a choice when we get up in the morning and the only way to look at life is through a positive lens. You make each day the best it can be. We all have things going on in our lives and that’s normal, but in our profession when patients are in crisis, we need to be happy, we need to smile at people in the hall. We need to be there to comfort people in their time of difficulty.”

Laurel has worked in VCH facilities since 1998. Learn about career opportunities for leaders.

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