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Registered Nurse


Registered Nurse
Clinical Services Coordinator
Squamish General Hospital

“Around 2003, I remember a woman had delivered her baby in the car while coming to the hospital. The baby just came too fast but the woman and the baby were ok. It was amazing. I’ve worked in Squamish since 1999 and I love living and working here—it’s a great place and it’s beautiful. I love what I do because I enjoy the people and problem solving… it’s a different challenge every day. It’s a small hospital so myself and everyone pitches in. If we’re short a nurse, I’ll jump in to help because I am a registered nurse. I will do break relief. I’ll go work in the ER. It’s diverse. I feel like I’m making an impact with my job. I’m inspired all the time by the elderly population we take care of. They’re so determined to get home and get better. They want to be self-sufficient and figure it out. Some are fiercely independent and want to live at home, but need our support.”

Nancy has worked in VCH facilities since 1999. Learn about career opportunities in nursing.

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