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Occupational Therapist
G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

“Every day I have the privilege to work with clients and witness the successes in their recovery journey. One of my clients sustained a concussion while playing hockey. He was young and smart and healthy, but the symptoms of his concussion were preventing him from doing almost everything that he used to enjoy. He didn’t watch hockey games because the light and the sound triggered certain symptoms and he stopped going to cafes and meeting with friends. He was afraid that the symptoms he was experiencing were damaging his brain. I intentionally met with him in stimulating environments, with light and sound, to assist him to learn ways to manage his symptoms. Over time he learned that his symptoms were manageable and he could get back to many of the activities he enjoyed. That’s really my goal and what I strive for with each person I work with; to empower them with the tools and confidence to get back to meaningful activities and better living.”

Sue has worked in VCH facilities since 2000. Learn about career opportunities for health science professionals.

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