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Pursuing a passion-driven career in social work

Jonathan, SW Richmond UPCC

Growing up with parents who were social workers, Jonathan Wong saw the profound impact they had on their clients, igniting his own passion for social work.

Before pursuing his Master of Social Work degree, Jonathan worked in a youth centre where he was exposed to the realities of social inequality at micro and macro levels. “I aspired to become a social worker who could assist and advocate for disadvantaged groups,” he shares. “Personally, I find immense joy in connecting with people and I constantly draw inspiration from my clients.”

Now working as a social worker in the Richmond City Centre Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC), Jonathan provides onsite support to patients, which includes consultations, psychosocial assessments, short-term counselling, and short-term follow-ups with patients.

While working in health care can be challenging, Jonathon finds inspiration and fulfillment from building connections and watching patients progress. “What I cherish most is the opportunity to witness transformative changes in individuals’ lives. Despite the episodic nature of our support, our work can be impactful, especially when patients are at their worst and most vulnerable, or when they are struggling with life without connecting to essential resources and remain unaware of the support and options available to them.”

Working in a supportive environment

Joining Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) over a year ago, Jonathan appreciates the supportive environment, work-life balance, and collaborative spirit among his teammates. “Our team collaborates well, and we can consult with one another,” he says. Sharing similar sentiments for his leadership team, Jonathan speaks on the regular check-ins from his manager and clinical coordinator and how he feels supported whenever he asks for help.

Commitment to continuous learning

For Jonathan, he sees each day at as an opportunity for growth. Through the many interactions he has with individuals, Jonathan speaks on the valuable insights that go past traditional learning methods. “We’re learning from experiences and acknowledging which perspectives, resources and techniques could be used for future patients.” And by staying up to date with new resources such as housing programs and counselling services, Jonathan can find effective solutions for his patients.

Additionally, in his commitment to furthering his professional development, Jonathan has taken online courses through LearningHub, supported by VCH. “Continuous learning is crucial for achieving better health care outcomes.”

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