What is a family doctor?

Family doctors specialize in providing lifelong care for you and your family. Your first point of contact with the health care system, family doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating the whole person. They care for patients in the office, the hospital, other health care facilities or the patient's home.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NP) also provide a wide range of care for you and your family. In addition to treating illnesses, they teach you and your family about healthy living, preventing disease and managing illness. NPs bring together medical knowledge with the values and skills of nursing.

Find a family doctor or nurse practitioner

Here are some suggestions and options for finding a family doctor in your community: 

  1. Many Division of Family Practice divisions offer to connect patients to a family doctor. Please contact your local division for more information. Call 1 (800) 665-2262
  2. Ask friends and family members for recommendations.
  3. Ask walk-in clinic providers that you have seen if they are accepting new patients.
  4. Contact clinics accepting new patients to book an intake appointment. (e.g., sandwich boards, business websites, etc.)
  5. Search to see local clinics that may be accepting new patients.
  6. Search for community providers and clinics through Pathways Medical Care Directory.
  7. Register with the Health Connect Registry to connect with primary-care providers.

Community health centres

Community health centres (CHC) provide a range of health care services in a single location, including access to public and community health nurses, mental health and addiction counsellors, dental clinics for children, speech therapists, nutritionists, youth drop-in health clinics and more. 

Find a community health centre near you

Non-urgent health concerns

Visit your local walk-in clinic. Virtual appointments may also be available.

  1. Check for locations and real-time wait times.
  2. Explore for virtual options and clinics in your community.

HealthLink BC

For trusted non-emergency health advice and information, contact HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, available 24/7 or on

Urgent and Primary Care Centres

Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) are for same-day, non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses when you are unable to see a family doctor or health-care provider.  Learn more about UPCCs

Pharmacists services

Speak with your local pharmacist for urgent medication refills or renewals and new prescriptions including contraceptives. You can also go to your pharmacist for get assessed and treated for minor ailments. 

Book an appointment to see a pharmacist