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Registered Nurses

Stephanie & Alice

Stephanie, Registered Nurse (left) & Alice, Registered Nurse (right)
Birthing Centre

Richmond Hospital

Alice shares:

“I started in 1977. Labour and delivery was in the original building then—the one that opened in 1966. I’ve seen so many babies born since then. And sometimes, if they don’t wait too long to get married, I get to see those babies have their own babies!

I was here when Stephanie was born. I was there for her delivery. I can tell you that she looks a lot like her mother. I could not have imagined then that baby Stephanie would become a nurse and would come back here to work beside me for the past 10 years! She calls me Auntie Alice. Of course they all call me Auntie Alice now because they are all younger than me.

Thirty-nine years is a long time. I work casual now and that’s enough. Maybe it’s time to retire!”

Alice has worked in VCH facilities since 1977. Learn about career opportunities in nursing.

3 thoughts on “Stephanie & Alice”

    Diane Bissenden says:

    Two amazing nurses who support women and their families bring new life into the world with compassion, caring and competence!

    Kara Thompson says:

    I feel so privileged to work with these two amazing nurses. Auntie Alice has trained so many of us over the years and we have all learned so much from her. Thank you to both Stephanie and Alice for all the amazing care you provide to the moms and their families in the Birth Centre. You are both an inspiration to us all!

    Maureen says:

    What are the chances? This is an incredible story and one of my favorites in this 15-year gallery. Thanks for sharing it!

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