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Social Worker


Social Worker, Mental Health
HOpe Centre & Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver

“There have been so many memorable patients and families. I remember an elderly woman admitted with complex grief following her husband’s death. After 62 years of marriage, she was overwhelmed with grief and wanted to end her life. Her spirits improved after receiving tremendous support from numerous friends and neighbours. The only remaining family members were her sister and niece overseas who she had not seen for decades. I initiated phone contact with the distant relatives and they wound up making travel plans to visit her. This family reconnection was a turning point for the patient. She expressed her will to live and her hope for the future. I derive meaning from my work because it focuses on advocacy, social policy, human rights, social justice and diversity in working with patients and families. I am inspired by people’s strength and resiliency in overcoming their challenges. Having such a caring, supportive inpatient team at HOpe Centre and a great group of Lions Gate Hospital social workers are integral in navigating through these more complex times.”

Betsy has worked in VCH facilities since 1990. See current career opportunities for social workers.

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