Information for instructors

Useful information for instructors.

Mandatory training for instructors

All students and instructors are required to complete the Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO), the VCH Confidentiality Undertaking module, and any applicable discipline-specific training.

If you are also a VCH employee, you do not need to create a new account in the Learning Hub. Please reuse your existing Learning Hub account to complete the required training.

Unit orientation for new instructors

A past instructor who has been on a specific unit is to orientate the instructor new to the unit.  The new instructor is to email the site educator or destination contact at least three weeks or earlier in advance of the placement start date to introduce themselves, let the site know the situation and ask for a time that is convenient for the site for the two instructors to spend on the unit.  Providing available dates in this initial communication is helpful.  The VCH Receiving Coordinator does not need to be included in this communication. 

If a past instructor is not available to orientate the new instructor, the route is the same as above, by reaching out to the unit educator or destination contact to request a unit orientation. We also recommend creating a unit manual. Please see the next section for details.

Unit manuals for intructors

We strongly encourage placing agencies to create and maintain their own unit manuals or guides for incoming instructors to streamline the orientation process for new instructors on site and help them familiarize themselves with the unit faster. Optionally, placing agencies may choose to share the manual with the unit’s Clinical Nurse Educator.

If the placing agency is new and does not have any instructors who would be familiar with the unit, we recommend connecting with another PSI regarding their unit manual or reach out to the HSPnet Destination Contact of your accepted placement to request more information about the unit in advance of the placement start date.

Room booking for group students

VCH Student Practice does not process room booking requests and has no access to the VCH room inventory. If you require a room for your student group or other student practice-related meetings on site, please consider the following alternatives first:

  • Virtual meetings
  • PSI on-campus rooms and designated meeting spaces 

If you urgently require a meeting room at a VCH facility and none of the above options work for you, please contact the administrative staff on the unit where your students are placed.‎

Placement onboarding and provisioning

If you have questions about your or your students’ training and access, please first connect with your school placing coordinator. If, after that, your question is still unresolved, the placing coordinator will then contact the VCH Student Practice team and provide all the necessary information in order for us to assist.

CST Cerner Sties: Wow stations

Lions Gate Hospital: Instructions on how to access the WOWs for student placements can be found in HSPnet under Destination Profile - Unit Documents. If you as an instructor do not have access to HSPnet, please contact your school placing coordinator and they will be able to access the document and send it to you.

Network & systems for instructors

VCH network access

  • For VCH network access, Instructors are auto-provisioned with an account starting with an  (e.g. E#####). Returning instructors do not receive the account activation email and are to re-use their existing login information. 
  • Instructors are also provided with student S-numbers if they are assigned in HSPnet at least four weeks in advance, and the students start their first practicum at VCH. 
  • More information on the provisioning process and troubleshooting is available here.

Clinical systems access

  • Some patient care areas require access to clinical systems to look up information or document care. Training may be provided online or face-to-face in a classroom. This will depend on your role and the area you are going to.
  • Please refer to your specific discipline under discipline-specific requirements for more information on clinical systems required for your placement.