Network and systems access

Access to the VCH computer network, drives and clinical systems.

Network access

Your practicum may require you to access some information or resources within Vancouver Coastal Health. Therefore, you will be provided with a numbered user name and password to your school based email account to log into VCH computers. Please note that only Allied Health students are provisioned with the VCH email access.

Students are auto-provisioned with an account starting with an "S" (e.g. S#####) and instructors - starting with an "E" (e.g. E#####). Students are to keep their VCH network login information for the duration of their program. Instructors are only provided with student S-numbers if they are assigned in HSPnet at least 4 weeks in advance and the students are starting their first practicum at VCH. Returning students do not receive the account activation email and are to re-use their existing login information.

New students are to activate their provisioned VCH network accounts once on site, even if they do not require VCH network access. Activating the account enables the account to be used for any future VCH student placements.

Network Access Troubleshooting:

  • If a placement is not confirmed in HSPnet, student name is not assigned to the placement, school email missing etc, the student will not be automatically provisioned until complete. School placing coordinators can check if a placement request has been completed and should be your first contact if you did not receive your network account information.

  • Auto-provisioning occurs approximately 4 weeks before the placement start date. If the placement is entered late, once complete the student will be auto-provisioned with an account approximately 24 hours later.

For any issues with logging in to your account and for existing account password reset, please contact the VCH Service Desk:

  • Urgent

    • Phone: (604) 875-4334

    • Toll-free: 1 (888) 875-4334

  • Non-Urgent



Network drive & shared email resources access

All VCH students are automatically provisioned with VCH network access, however some students require additional VCH network drives and access to shared email resources (e.g. shared calendars or inboxes) to be added to their accounts manually for their placements at VCH sites.  Service requests for additional drives and shared email resources must be submitted for each individual student, directly by the site.

This can be completed preferably by the student’s preceptor or other onsite staff with the existing network access, e.g. the site manager or the site administration staff, just as it is done for our new hires.

Detailed instructions for the onsite staff on how to submit these types of requests can be found on our intranet page.

The school will ensure to assign the students and confirm their placements in HSPnet at least one month in advance of the placement start date, so that the student can receive their network account information ahead of time and provide it to their preceptor.

This process applies to:

  1. Allied Health students that require additional access to shared folders and calendars on top of their standard network drive access which is provisioned automatically for Allied placements.

  2. Non-Allied Health students requiring VCH email and additional access to shared folders and other shared resources (Please note that most of our Nursing students do not require network drives and email).

Clinical systems access

Some patient care areas require access to clinical systems to look up information or document care. Training may be provided online or face-to-face in a classroom. This will depend on your role and the area you are going to. Please refer to your specific discipline tab on the left under "Discipline-specific requirements" for more information on clinical systems required for your placement.

To complete the online training, you will be required to set up a Learning Hub account or reuse the existing one if it has already been set up.  

  • All students need to have only one Learning Hub account, and this one account needs to have just your school email address while you are completing your placement at VCH.

  • All students should ensure this information in the Learning Hub account is accurate at least one month before their placement start dates, to ensure you are set up correctly for training and access to our clinical systems.

  • Learn how to merge your accounts or update your health organization.

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