Information for placing coordinators

Processes and policies Process guidelines and documents for placing coordinators.

Placing coordinator checklist

For complete step-by-step guidance on submitting a placement request in HSPnet and ensuring all the prerequisites are met,  please refer to the VCH placement request submission checklist for placing coordinators.‎

Student assignments in HSPnet

Student legal names and school emails are to be assigned in HSPnet to accepted placements at least one month in advance of the placement start date.  If the school is unable to do this, they are to reach out to the listed receiving coordinator in advance of our deadline to let us know, with an estimated date of when students will be assigned.

Late student assignments significantly affect student training and access to our clinical systems, which in return affects our sites and student's learning.  

Accepted placement cancellation

If the cancellation takes place with the start date more than one month in advance, the school is to cancel the previously accepted placement in HSPnet and the automatic email that is sent from HSPnet to the destination contact and receiving coordinator is sufficient communication.

If the cancellation takes place with the start date less than one month in advance, the school is to cancel the previously accepted placement in HSPnet, and then email the destination contact with a copy to the receiving coordinator as a courtesy. 

Not cancelling a previously accepted placement in HSPnet in a timely manner, when the school no longer needs this placement, significantly affects our other schools, who are possibly needing placements, as well as our sites who are expecting students.

Group start dates in HPSnet

The start date listed in HSPnet for a group placement is the date the group physically attends the placement at our VCH site.  

Our units accept the original request that was submitted into HSPnet, therefore if the school wishes to change the schedule, days of the week, etc., they are to update the Group Shift Schedule (to “hold” their new proposed spot), adjust the start date to reflect the Group Shift Schedule change, then reach out to the destination contact with the receiving coordinator copied to ask if the changes can be approved.  Only when the destination contact replies back with the approval, can the new schedule be considered “approved”.  If the unit declines the changes, the school is to change the Group Shift Schedule and start date back to the original that was accepted.  

If another school occupies the past spot originally accepted, the receiving coordinator will not send the new request until the new proposal is accepted.  If new proposal is declined, the receiving coordinator will assist in obtaining the original acceptance and the other school will need to request elsewhere.  

Our units expect schools to honour and follow the start date, end date, and the schedule that had been originally approved. Any changes made after the initial acceptance need to also be approved with the listed receiving coordinator included in the communication.

Unit outbreaks

When a VCH unit sustains an outbreak, our preceptorship students can remain on the unit, however group students cannot be on the unit.  VCH Student Practice will first assist and guide schools currently on the unit and provide direction, then if needed assist and guide schools who start in the near future if it is felt that their start date will be affected. 

VCH Student Practice is informed of unit outbreaks by internal memos, then immediately contacts the unit educator to discuss the specific situation.

  1. VCH Student Practice emails the affected school placing coordinator and group instructor who have students on the unit (if assigned in HSPnet).

  2. The email is sent with a High Importance tag to inform of the outbreak, that the group is suspended, an estimated timeframe of the suspension, as well as a proposed plan for the group to continue their clinical practice at another VCH site and/or further directions.

 When outbreaks affect student groups confirmed on a unit, specific HSPnet report tags are to be used. (Please see HSPnet outbreak report tags for reference).

If a group needs to be moved to another site due to an outbreak, the original confirmed placement is to remain in HSPnet with the appropriate tag added, then the new temporary placement is to be split from the parent placement. 

If there is a pending group request that has not yet been accepted at a unit that has sustained an outbreak, the school can choose to cancel the request and try another site, or the unit possibly will decline the request.  VCH is not obligated to honor a pending placement, but we will always try our best to secure spots for our students. 

Note that sometimes group instructors receive unit information earlier than VCH Student Practice does, so contacting us with this information is helpful and appreciated.

Assigning group instructors

  1. School instructors are to be assigned in HSPnet at least one month in advance of the placement start date.  If instructors are assigned after student assignments and it is less than a month in advance of the start date, the instructor will not be included on any 'new to VCH' student network provisioning information.

  2. The instructor is to be fully experienced in the service or type of unit they are supporting students. 

  3. If a school cannot assign a fully experienced instructor in the service or type of unit they are supporting students and cannot find an experienced instructor, the previously accepted placement is to be cancelled by the school, with an email to the DC and RC explaining the situation.

  4. A past instructor who has been on a specific unit is to orientate the instructor new to the unit.  The new instructor is to email the site educator or destination contact at least three weeks or earlier in advance of the placement start date to introduce themselves, let the site know the situation and ask for a time that is convenient for the site for the two instructors to spend on the unit.  Providing available dates in this initial communication is helpful.  The VCH Receiving Coordinator does not need to be included in this communication.

  5. If a past instructor is not available to orientate the new instructor, the route is the same as above, by reaching out to the unit educator or destination contact to request a unit orientation. We also recommend creating a unit manual. More information about unit manuals can be found on our information for instructors page.