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    • Surprise question

    • SPICT

    • Clinical Frailty Scale

    • Identification worksheet

      Reviewing your caseload for clients who would benefit from a Serious Illness Conversation​.

    • Screening for Serious Illness Conversations

      One-page document for screening a single patient, client, or resident.

    • Dementia roadmap for clinicians

      A guide for clinicians to identify where someone with dementia is in their stage of disease progression and what to expect in the future.

    • Dementia roadmap for families

      A guide for families on what to expect as dementia progresses over time​.​

    • Clinician reference guide for the Serious Illness Conversation guide

      A guide that provides strategies for managing strong emotions, sharing prognosis, or navigating other difficult situations that may arise​.

    • What Matters Most to Me Worksheet

      Allows individuals to consider their values and beliefs before having a Serious Illness Conversation. Translations are available.

    • Family communication guide

      Provides support to patients who will be having conversations about what matters to them with their loved ones.

    • ​​​iPace conversation starters​

    • Preparing for a Serious Illness Conversation - A guide for health care providers

Physician education resources

    • How to talk to end-of-life care with a dying patient

      A 3-minute talk by Dr. Atul Gawande on what end-of-life conversations are really about.

    • Documenting serious illness goals of care conversations

      A 5-minute video developed by PHC on how to document GOC on the Cerner PowerForm.

    • Serious illness conversations in acute medicine and surgery

      A 26-minute talk by Dr. MacRedmond (ICU), Dr. Hatala (Palliative Care/IM) of PHC, and Wallace Robinson (Leader, Advance Care Planning).

    • Cultural considerations

    • MOST vs GOC

    • Dr. Sunita Puri on the Importance of Language in Medicine: Speaking from the Heart

    • Serious illness conversation guide

      A 7-step guide for facilitating serious illness conversations

    • 4-question framework

      A 4-question guide for GOC discussions

    • What Matters Most To Me​

      A 2-page worksheet, based on the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, for patients and support people to work through what is most important.

External links

Ariadne Labs: The creators of the Serious Illness Care Program​

  • Ariadne Labs website - There are many additional resources available to support the Serious Illness Conversation Guide 

Advance Care Planning ​

Demonstrations of the Serious Illness Conversation Guide​

VCH MOST: Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment 

CPR Decision Aid Tool​

Palliative Approach to Care Videos​

​Stories from Patients: What Matters to Me​

Research articles that demonstrate the benefits of an Early Palliative Approach and/or Early Conversations​

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