Well Wishes Program

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Words of encouragement or well wishes are important in keeping spirits up. A number of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) hospitals offer a volunteer-run well wishes program that lets you send messages by email to friends or family during their hospital stay. Your message will be printed, sealed and delivered by one of our volunteers within two business days.

This program delivers email messages only. If you'd like to send your message by mail, you will need to send it yourself through regular postal service. Address your letter with the patient's name, room number/ward/location, name of hospital, and hospital's full address. For mailing addresses, visit our find a location page.

What our program doesn't cover

Only well wishes will be delivered. Messages that are not allowed include: the conducting of personal business, communications that contain questionable content or business/vendor solicitations. 

We cannot send outgoing replies or confirm that a patient is admitted to one of our hospitals. All messages are received and handled confidentially.

Find this service near you

  • Well Wishes Program at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

    4255 Laurel Street Vancouver
  • Long term care homes

    Well Wishes Program at George Pearson Centre

    700 West 57th Avenue Vancouver
  • Well Wishes Program at Lions Gate Hospital

    231 East 15th Street North Vancouver
  • Well Wishes Program at qathet General Hospital

    5000 Joyce Avenue Powell River
  • Well Wishes Program at Richmond Hospital

    7000 Westminster Highway Richmond
  • Well Wishes Program at UBC Hospital

    2211 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver
  • Well Wishes Program at Vancouver General Hospital

    899 West 12th Avenue Vancouver